My experiment with freelance writing through Upwork lasted over 6 months and I earned over $13,000. I give steps to winning contracts, tools & resources, tips and my overall experience.

My experiments with selling on Amazon and Ebay have been ongoing for over 15 years. Here I am going to talk about my experiences, tools & resources, why I kept quitting & starting up again, and much more.

My experiments with ChatGPT and playing with different kinds of AI and machine learning. I have tons of prompts I've tried, and I'll be sharing my experiences chatting with AI.

My experiments with Private Academic Coaching, affiliate marketing, genealogy, and other stuff.


About this Blog

Welcome to Experimental Blogger, my personal journey into the world of blogging and affiliate marketing. My mission is to provide valuable tools, resources, and insights for anyone looking to get into a side hustle and earn a little extra money online.  Join me on this adventure, as we work towards achieving passive income!