About Me

Hi, I'm tara, and I have tried and failed at blogging for at least 20 years, so now I'm just experimenting...

Welcome to The Experimental Blogger! My name is tara and I am excited to share my journey with you. I have always been a person with many interests, and I have tried my hand at every side hustle you can think of. I have sold on Amazon & Ebay, done freelance writing through Upwork & Fiverr, tried & failed at affiliate marketing, and even tried to dabble in YouTube. However, I could never stick to anything. I always got bored with it and moved on to the next thing.

You see, I am a former gifted kid of the '80s, a perfectionist, and my mind is always running in overdrive. I have always been told that I am smart and good at a lot of things requiring thought and intellect, which led me to believe that I should be good at everything. However, the reality is that I am a multi-passionate individual with ADHD who loses interest easily after being hyper-focused on a topic for a short period of time.

I am somewhat of a Renaissance person. I love art, writing, music, and anything creative, but my mind also works in logic, so I love math and science. In fact, I am now a records analyst working with large sets of data.

It took me a long time to figure out what I wanted to be in life. I spent years feeling lost and unsure of what direction to take. But then I realized that it's okay to have many interests and not be able to stick to just one thing. That's when I started The Experimental Blogger. This blog is a space where I can share my experiments and experiences with different niches and passions.

One thing I've learned is that experimentation is the key to discovering what you truly enjoy. Trying different things has allowed me to learn more about myself and what I am truly passionate about. I want to inspire others to do the same. If you are someone who is struggling to find your passion, I hope that my blog will give you the courage to try new things and discover what makes you happy.

My hope is that The Experimental Blogger will be a place where you can come to find inspiration, motivation, and support. I want to create a community where we can all share our experiments and learn from each other. So, whether you're a fellow multi-passionate individual or someone who is just looking to try something new, I welcome you to join me on this journey of experimentation and self-discovery.